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News - Course Maintenance W/C 22/08/16 - REPORT - South Cerney Golf Course
South Cerney Golf Course

Course Maintenance W/C 22/08/16 - REPORT

The maintenance work on our greens has now been finished. With the help of the weather we were able to carry out all of the work we set out to, and I am very happy with what has been achieved.

An outside contractor was used to verti-drain the greens adding much needed drainage channels to a depth of 9 inches, which were then back filled with straight sand. This process should help to prevent excessive water sitting on the surface – in particular if we were to experience consistently heavy rainfall.

The greens were then hollow cored with the holes again back filled with straight sand and brushed in. This helps to remove thatch from the greens and ultimately will help to provide a better playing surface throughout the year.

The final process of maintenance week was to scarify the greens at a depth of 15-20mm which also helps to remove unwanted organic matter underneath the surface of the greens. We then followed with another light dressing of sand to regain surface smoothness.

In total this week we have applied 70 tonnes of sand which takes the total this year to well over 100 tonnes.

An application of bio-stimulant will be applied in the next few days whilst the greens are “open” as this means it can penetrate deep into the sward and allows the product to work at its best. The planned application of feed has been held off for several reasons. Firstly, by verti-draining you unlock nitrogen that has been locked in the profile and is released during this process. Also disease pressure is very high at this present time due to the damp and humid conditions, and if feed is applied this can encourage unwanted disease to develop.

I will be closely monitoring the greens over the coming days for any sign of disease and fungicides are available and ready to be applied if needed.

Your patience and support has been valued whilst this essential work has been carried out and hopefully you can appreciate the long term benefits that this work will provide to the greens.

As always if you have any questions regarding any of the above then please feel free to contact either myself or Gavin.

Also if you want to see a few pictures and a short video of the work being carried out, follow this link;



Elliott Nichols

Head Greenkeeper

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